Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bush Says Waterboardering Was A Good Idea;Formal Top Britsh Official Calls Bull

When most US presidents leave office they usually ride off into the sunset and enter the next phase of their political life as an elder statesmen. The first years as a formal president are usually spent rounding up the money for a presidential library,building a retirement estate, taking a world tour as a welcomed American statesmen, or writing a book. Considering that Bush W. is a wanted man in a few nations and not very well liked by many others, taking a statesmen world tour is pretty much out of the question. His family is very rich so he has no need to build a retirement estate. No one is looking forward to breaking ground on a Bush W. library any time soon. His biggest option as elder statesmen is to write a book about his days in the White House.

Yes everyone, Bush W. has written a book about his `glorious` days as Commander in Chief  of the United States of America. The book is just about to hit bookshelves in America and already it is generating heat within the political circus. According to several media outlets not only does Bush W. admit he gave official approval for US intelligence to use waterboarding as a means to get `information` from suspected terrorist he goes as far to say that,`lives were saved by information gathered from militant suspects.` When Bush named which lives were saved,namely the British, that is when someone from across the pond stood up and called bull.

Formal Top British Minister during the Bush years, Kim Howells, has been quick to point out just how far off base Bush is being with his claims of British lives being saved by American waterboarding methods.  Raw story reports that during a BBC radio interview Howells said, `Where I doubt what President Bush said is that this, what we regard as torture, actually produced information which was instrumental in preventing....plots coming to fruition.` Howells is pretty much saying that waterboarding was useless and did little to prevent terror attacks. Most people are already aware that the policy of torture adopted by Bush and continued by Obama is nothing short of forcing suspect of give false information.

As Raw Story reports Howells is not the only British official who put Bush`s claims into question. Formal home shadow security David Davis has come out and said, `People under torture tell you what you want to hear...apart from being immoral, apart from destroying our standing in the world, apart from undermining the way of life we`re trying to defend, it actually doesn`t deliver.`

This sudden outburst of criticisms of Bush`s waterboarding policy could be an attempt by these British officials to distance themselves from being accused of war crimes at a later point. Bush`s brash admission of approving of torture while in office is enough to land him and anyone else defending said policies on trail for war crimes. Apart from Bush saying he approved of torture there is ample evidence locked away within Washington in official White House documents to put away the entire gang involved. Maybe this is why Bush is in no hurry to start work on a Presidential library?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TSA Out of Control?

If you have been keeping up with the `wonderful` job TSA has been doing recently, you must be aware of the up close and personal security checks the agency has been carrying out recently. Reports are flooding in all over the internet of people complaining that TSA agents have gone too far in how much they touch and view people`s bodies. The TSA has resorted to molesting people, including children, all in the name of protecting us from the `evil` terrorist. The average American is now subjected to a full body scan which exposes their private areas to a TSA agent. If anyone chooses to opt-out of the scan they then are subjected to a rub down which is equal to groping by just about any sane person`s standard. Under strong public outcry the TSA has issued a response attempting to justify these measures instead of a proper formal apology.

How this violates personal liberty should be clear as day to anyone. Yet, we see that a lot of people are going along with this public rape of air travelers. If someone touched a women on the streets the same way TSA agents do at the airport there would be arrests and maybe even an ass kicking coming to anyone who attempted such behavior. When government is stamped on this clear human rights violation it suddenly becomes fine and dandy. How many people would allow someone to cop a feel of their little girl in normal situations? I am sure no one would approve of it. Yet, at the airport parents stand by and watch as some thug from the TSA fondles their little child with no protest.

Have Americans really become this defeated as people to allow the government to treat them like pieces of meat? While the TSA is treating American`s like sex objects at their security check orgies too many people are just letting it happen to them while in their mind justifying it with,`This is meant to keep be safe from terrorist so it is okay for the government to rape me in public view.` It appears that the American police state has been harassing people so much over the years that Americans are starting to happily bend over and take one in the brown hole just to go about their daily lives.

Although, while most people are simply going along with the wishes of the police state some people are not taking it laying down. One professional pilot has out right refused any type of search at the risk of loosing his job. Another long time employee of has went public after her and her little girls were sexually assaulted by TSA agents. Many other people are complaining on the internet while local TV news across the nation are reporting people being molested by TSA agents for refusing a full body scan.

So far there have been no response from Washington on this issue. Obama seems too busy brown noising at APEC in Yokohama this week to respond to American`s cry for relief from a government agency gone completely mad.