Tuesday, December 28, 2010

21st Century Liberty(New Year`s Edition)-Freezing, Starving, and Record Profits

It has been 18 days since my last post here on The Ghost of Liberty. Don`t worry I am not dead nor have I been arrested. December is usually a busy month for many folks and I am no exception. Although, this season is not so happy for many of our fellow Americans. Poverty has become widespread in our nation. So many people are living on the streets or in half-way houses. There are sure to be many people who will freeze to death during the winter snow storm currently engulfing the east coast. Many of our little ones are going hungry as their parents simply cannot provide them with food. Santa will not visit millions of families this year because they did not pay their bills to the bank. Speaking of banks, many of the nation`s biggest banks have been reporting record profits in 2010. All those people who are starving and freezing to death this winter bailed out those banks in order to insure record profits will be had in 2010. This is the face of American liberty in the 21st century.

It appears that becoming penniless and homeless in the land our forefathers built is the `new way` in modern America. Not only have our leaders sold us out, they have also decided to molest and abuse us when we make an attempt to travel. Yet, though all the suffering, hunger, and humiliation the banks are cleaning up and somehow America is recovering from a economic meltdown. The Federal government gave the people`s money away to the banks and in return the banks took everything from the American people. The United States made an investment in the nation`s largest banks and we have lost everything. We trusted our leaders to do the right thing and they sold us out to greedy cold blooded bankers. It has got to be very clear to the average citizen they have been robbed. How can anyone still believe that the bankers have not set them up and stole the nation`s riches. America got played for a fool big time!

As Americans eat pea soup, sleep on the streets, and listen to their children beg them for food remember why there are no jobs, heat, or food this holiday season. Remember who stole our money. Remember who sold us out. Remember it is time to get mad as hell!       

Friday, December 10, 2010

Geraldo Rivera Calls O`Reilly Out on Federal Stings to Create Terrorist.

The mainstream media can be a fun circus to watch at times. When your brain is so burnt out that only the lowest standards of debate and reporting can keep your attention, it is time for cable news. The cable news in post-modern America is a Stainest vision of how to convince the people that government is good for them. All the time and man power put into `creating the news` might just be the largest fascist corporate propaganda machine in the history of mankind. It sickens the soul to think that they put some slick `professional journalist` with a big white smile praising every action taken by the grand Federal government. Yet, sometimes the raw truth forces it`s way to the surface.

Case in point is the unusual news stories Geraldo Rivera has been picking up over at Fox News Network as of late. This sold out monkey of the corporate media has been pretending to be a journalist of the people since the 80`s. Back then he was busy getting his noise broken by Neo-Nazi`s. These days be is just another gear in the Fox News machine. Yet, we may have hard on Rivera over the years. Recently, as I pointed out in an earlier post Rivera did an entire segment on WTC ' with a group of professionals and victim`s family member. The interview was done on fair grounds and Rivera not once attack his guest. Such `reporting` on any cable news network is rare.

Rivera is at it again, only this time he is mixing it up with the pissed off neo-con Bill O`Reilly. The report was on a young kid in America getting arrested for trying to blow up a Federal building. The report is so clearly pointing out the fact that the government set this kid up was too much for Rivera to keep silent.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

US government tracking Americans Without Warrent Though Use of a `Hotwatch`

American used to project an image of `The land of freedom` to the world. Yet, it seems these days the only image America projects is war,greed, empire and fascism.  As an American, it is not easy for your man of liberty to write such words but the truth is written on the wall. Of the numerous policies which destroy liberty in America, the one which may be ruining personal liberty in American the most tracking of US citizens by the Federal government. 

Most people are aware of the warrantless wiretapping program which was put in place by Bush W. and maintained by Obama. What has made this policy truly disturbing is that the Federal Government not only was out in the open about it but also defended secretly tracking US citizens without warrants and little or no oversight. At this point one would think that tracking phone calls, e-mails, and text messages would be enough but there seems to be no end to the Federal government desire to track US citizens every move. Due to the efforts of blogger Christopher Soghoian documents have been released which show the Federal Government tracking US citizen`s purchases without warrant and without the person targeted knowledge. As shocking as this new level of government tyranny is, I have no choice but to report that it all true.  The document which Chris pressured to get released details exactly how, and by which methods, the Federal government uses so-called Hotwatch tracking to see what any American buys. You can read the doc. by clicking here.

What makes this kind of spying program truly disturbing is that while the released docs. explain what kind of purchases they target and the method of going about it, what it leaves out is the standard to engage in such activity. This document, which took Chris over a year and a half to get release, contains no mention of a need to ask the courts for permission to engage in tracking a US citizen`s financial transactions. On page three of the ten page government doc. is clearly states the number one way in which such authority is granted is by `Administrative subpoena with a court order for non-disclosure.` In short, the government has agents signing off on their own orders to track US citizen`s financial transactions. The teeth of such an order is only a court order which prevents or bank or company from informing the person targeted.

With such a system in place the government now has FBI and CIA agents running around targeting anyone they want for pretty much any reason as long as they say it is for, `an ongoing investigation.` There is no oversight and the courts can do little to stop it. The level of corruption and revenge such policy creates must be massive. With the right paperwork any US citizen can have almost any financial transaction they do tracked and recorded by the government. The docs. express no standard so we can only assume government agents can order a `Hotwatch` whenever they want. When people talk about a police state this is what they are talking about.            

Monday, November 29, 2010

The World Does Not Need It`s American Hero Anymore.

Your man of liberty is always watching, reading and researching the state of liberty in our increasingly complex world. As I was making my rounds on the internet, I ran across an article by famed Libertarian and American Conservative Patrick J. Buchanan. The title of the article is Why are we still in Korea? He pulls no punches in this article and lays out some very clear points about how the old post WW2/Cold War Alliances no longer benefit our grand nation. It should be clear to just about anyone but sadly most of our fellow American brothers just don`t get it. America has long over served it`s role as the world`s hero.

There really is no need for us to have military bases all over the world anymore. Korea is a perfect example of how an American military presence makes things worse not better. For starters the only reason we are in Korea is due to the fact the nation is a ex-colony of Japan. After the war is was necessary for America to set up camp in Korea because Japan had no ability to keep the region stable. America had a responsibility to stabilize East Asia because we had taken over control of Japan; thus ending the Japanese Empire. After an intense war with North Korea we end up staring each other down at the DMZ for over 50 years now. All those years later things are very different. South Korea is one of the strongest nations in Asia with respect to its economy and military. The North Korean military is in a very sad condition. Their military technology is way behind the rest of the world. There is no way the North could muster any kind of fight against the South. Simply put America is not needed in Korea anymore.

What about Japan? Japan ranks sixth in the world for military spending. The military of Japan is highly advanced and fully able to defend itself. They have one of the top economies in the world. Japan is a stable nation and has been for a very long time. The Japanese face very little threat to their nation. They have strong political ties to many of their neighbors. If Japan was attacked by the more aggressive Communist China there is no question they could defend their island nation with no help from the US. While China puts on a front of being unafraid of war, it would be clearly a major disadvantage for them to wage war with any nation in Asia. In reality Japan has very little need for the US military.

So why are we so stuck on the idea that the world needs us? It seems America has a military Empire and does not want to give it up. Despite the fact that most nations with a US military presence have very little need for a foreign army, American insist we must protect people who don`t want to be protected. East Asia is a prime example of the American military Empire having little usefulness in the modern era. We fight the enemies of others because we have no enemies of our own who could pose any threat to our mighty nation.

Our military even goes as far as to look for a fight to be had with other nations. Currently The USS George Washington has left Japan and is meeting up with South Korean forces to engage in military war games as a way to show North Korea just how powerful the American military is. The North has already said they are ready for war and will respond with military action if we come any where close to their border. Our military is provoking a war when it is none of our business in the first place. Even China has told America to return the USS George Washington back to Japan. It is clear our military in East Asia provokes notions of war.

When will the American Hero understand it is time to come home?      

The GOP Having Trouble Holding it Together On Earmark Ban

As anyone with a real sense of liberty is fully aware, the left/right bipolar political establishment in America is nothing more than two management teams fighting for control of the same dirty government. Both so-called parties do not have our interest in mind. Yet, as long as they are in control we must work within this system to restore true liberty and Constitutional law to our grand nation. So then the GOP conference voted on a complete ban on all earmarks, liberty minded citizens took notice. Your man of liberty reported on this event which you can read here. To to shock and awe of libertarians, and liberty minded people in general, the GOP conference voted for an all out ban on earmarks for the 112th Congress. Well as it turns out the GOP may not be ready to stick to their guns on a complete ban on earmarks.

All the heat is centered around H.R. 4783 which pretty much hands out money to settle a disagreement on behave of black farmers and Native American tribes over discrimination they say was carried out by the Department of Agriculture. Now to say that this issue should have never reach the level of a bill in the congress is an understatement. The Dept. of Agriculture clearly failed to deal with this long standing issue. The DOA should have never let it get to this point. The DOA should have dealt with this though the courts or even better allocated money, which they already had on hand, to the states to deal with it. Yet, like a gang of cowards they stoned walled the entire issue and forced Congress to create a spending bill to take care of it. The DOA did this clearly in order to protect their own budget from taking a hit. So a spending bill was created and moved though Congress which put the earmark ban to the test.

From the looks of things GOP leaders were unable to hold to their own rule of banning earmarks. Arizona Sen. John Kyle just could not resist adding an earmark into H.R. 4783. The Senator added a earmark setting aside 200,000,000 billion dollars to settle a Arizona Native American water rights dispute. This super large earmark will be used to make snow at a ski resort, improve water access for some Casinos, and build fish hatcheries. The sad thing about this is that if Arizona did not have to send so much money out of their state and into the hands of the Federal government they could have dealt with this at a state level.

This issue just goes to show the state of Washington. Yet another unconstitutional Department gets into hot water and sets on their hands out of fear of having their budget taking a hit. Congress has to get involved and create a bill which spends even more money. This in turn catches the attention of Arizona, which has a large settlement to take of, which is related to the bill in question. Add to all of this the fact that if Arizona could keep more of their state revenue in the state they could have paid the settlement from their own treasury.

The devil in all of this is Federal taxing being totally out of control. The states or the courts cannot really handle these kinds of issues due in large part to the high amount of Federal taxing. Not even one of Washington`s many Departments can handle disputes involving money because Congress looks for any reason to suck more money out of any section of the government which causes problems. If the DOA actually did decide to settle this issue though the courts or with good old fashion negotiation rest assured Congress would cut their budget and hand it to the Pentagon. Every time an earmark comes up in a bill we will see the insanity of Federal spending.  

Friday, November 26, 2010

H.R. 6416 Would Make the TSA Liable For Assaulting Travelers

Everyone should be aware of the situation with TSA at airports across America at this point. The agency has been carrying out policies which are something one would expect in Communist China. The naked body scanners have been firing dangerous potently cancer causing X-rays at travelers. If travelers choose to opt out they have been subjected to pat downs similar to rape or at least sexual assault. Countless Americans are reporting being groped, including women and young children. The situation has gotten so bad that many Americans are refusing to fly all together. The outrage Americans have against the TSA has now been expressed in the form of legislation.

H.R. 6416 recently introduced in the house by Rep. Ron Paul from Texas would strip the TSA of any immunity from lawsuits filed against it. The bill, commonly know as the American Traveler Dignity Act of 2010 prevents any law from being enacted which offers immunity to any Federal employee, agency, individual or entity, which receives federal funds, who subjects a person to physical contact to board an airplane. In short, if this bill becomes law any TSA agent who gropes or sexually assaults someone during a security check can end up getting their ass sued.

Some of you may be wondering why the states have not taken action against the TSA. Why must it take such extreme means to keep the TSA in line? It is true that the states could kick the TSA out of their airports very easily. The states have the power to refuse any federal law,regulation or agency under the guide line of the 10th Amendment. This does not happen because all the State Attorney Generals would rather protect their own political future than directly go up against the Federal government on a states rights issues like a Federal agencies legal ability to operate within said state. There is also the fact that most State Congresses take a complaint filed against the Federal government by a State Attorney General very seriously. If could mean political suicide if he/she gets it wrong. A keen State Attorney General will wait until a good amount of complaints have been filed with his/her office and then serve those complaints in the form of a class action lawsuit;thus avoiding a direct states rights clash with lawmakers.

H.R. 6416 bypasses politically compromised Attorney Generals by giving the people the direct power to sue the TSA though the courts. It would be a up hill fight to get this bill all the way to the presidents desk but it could happen if enough pressure is placed on Federal lawmakers in Washington. Yet to think in more reality based terms if the bill gets a lot of co-sponsors and becomes a hot bill in Washington the TSA would be scared into ending its current security policy at airports. If this bill gains support rest assured the TSA would reconsider what it is doing to the American people.         

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silver Manipulation By JP Morgan Brings Lawsuit

At this point anyone who has really been paying attention knows that the banking elite have made a mess of the world economy. You should also understand by now that these same banking elite have continued to suck the world dry while at the same time watch it slowly die. What started as a bubble crash in the US housing market quickly spread into a world economic breakdown. People across the United States are losing everything they have worked so hard for while the banking elite get rich beyond their wildest dreams.

As the truth comes out about how the banks stole from everyone and pulled the world into a deep dark hole of endless debt, there are some signs that these international criminals are not getting away with their dirty deeds completely. The silver market has been one which has always been covered in controversy. For years there have been those who have accused big banks of manipulating the silver market. It appears that JP Morgan and HSBC are in hot water as a class action law suit accusing both banks of conspiracy and manipulation of the silver futures market was filed in early November.

The lawsuit centers around June 2008 when JP Morgan took over Bears Stearns. This takeover also handed JP Morgan all of Bears Stearns short positions in the silver market. JP Morgan then teamed up with HSBC to buy as many silver short positions as they could in order to artificially depress the price of silver. Investors lost big time while JP Morgan and HSBC made a huge profit in the process. By controlling a majority of the silver short position contracts the two banks could sale silver shares when they did not actually have any real silver on hand.. They did this over and over again. They would sale silver they never had, and because the price was so low, buy those contracts back and resale them. This kind of business is very illegal to say the least.

This recent lawsuit is just latest suit filed against JP Morgan and HSBC. Back in October of this year two separate lawsuits were filed claiming that two investors had sold silver contracts and lost money due to the actions of JP Morgan and HSBC.

This is the point we have reached with the elite bankers. During this entire Global Economic Meltdown time and time again we have seen banksters do everything they can to suck everyone dry. They want it all at this point and have shown to have the ability to do anything to get it. Nothing is safe in the current economic environment. The international banks are being more ruthless than they have ever been in the past. The more they get the more than want. The level of greed is sickening. The illegal actions of JP Morgan and HSBC only scratch the surface of crimes committed by international banksters. The more people start to wake up and look into what is really going on expect more lawsuits in the future.

Yet, lawsuits are not going to be enough to dismantle the criminal banking system. Direct action always has an effect which no lawsuit can match. Market expert Max Keiser is calling for a run on silver. Keiser calls for people to start to buy just 1 oz of silver and demand physical delivery. JP Morgan does not have enough real silver to keep up with added stress on the market. If a massive amount of people started buying just one or two ounces of silver it would crash JP Morgan for sure. I did it and others should as well.           

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TSA Naked Body Scanners and Excessive Pat Down Debate Heating Up.

The issue of Naked Body Scanners and groping at airports by the TSA is heating up as more and more Americans are voicing outrage citing health concerns and personal liberty violations. What started out as a few unfortunate events in which women were touched in degrading fashion has become what appears to be the norm as more travelers across the nation as complaining that are being touched in ways which are offensive. 

The new security protocols put into common practice by the TSA have upset American to the point of proactive resistance. The Independent Union of Airline Pilots has issued a warning to all union members to outright refuse submitting to a naked body scan citing health concern that the scanners increase the risk of cancer. The union is also urging all members that a pat down be done in private to the excessive groping involved. As we all know when unions start refusing to comply with policy that situation is reaching a head. Union leader Captain Dave Bates issued a letters to all pilots to begin an outright revolt against the new TSA security protocols which was publish by the Atlantic. You can read the letter by clicking here.

The entire issue brings up an even larger issue in modern America. What is the line which government stops and personal liberty starts?  Many Americans feel they are free and the government cannot control their lives. It is in the American spirit to resist any type of government tyranny which is forced on them. To tell a citizen in US that they must do what the government says and there is no other choice is similar to declaring citizens are slaves. The system of the US government structure was created to put the citizens in charge of the nation. If the citizens do not want the government to do something then Washington must obey. In short Washington is confused about who is really in charge in the United States. So where is the line? 

Some citizens are fighting back and showing Washington who is in charge. Captain Dave Bates has refused both the body scanners and any pat down. He now faces loosing his job because the TSA will not allow him to go to work. If you cannot trust the pilots then who can you trust?   

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Geraldo Rivera Gives 9/11 Truth a Voice

The internet is a buzz over a recent piece T.V. personally Geraldo Rivera did which features Bob McIllvaine and Tony Szamboti. Both men are major proponents for a new 9/11 government investigation. The question of if you believe 9/11 was an inside job or not becomes a side issue when you consider that Rivera has been one of the loudest voices against the 9/11 truth movement. This sudden about face is almost unheard of in modern corp. media. How Rivera got this approved by this bosses is anyone's guess.

This event is huge given the fact the corp. media almost never features 9/11 truth in a positive light on equal footing. In the past the corp. media has attacked mocked and called for the heads of 9/11 truth supporters. Rivera himself once flipped his middle finger at a crowd of loud protesters during a `street` interview. It seemed that the corp. media had decided who their punching bag was and 9/11 truth was an easy target. Bill O`Reily  once had a young man who questioned 9/11 on his show and proceeded to berate the gentlemen with insults and threats. If Rivera`s recent piece is a sign that the 9/11 truth movement may be off the corp. media`s hit list we could see more things like this in the future.

Of course the questions that millions of American have deserve to be asked, debated, and looked into with merit and fairness. If all turns out to be nothing more than unconnected facts then that is actually great but the questions about 9/11 must first be asked in the public forum in a non-hostile environment.

No one knows exactly Rivera is having a sudden change of heart but the time being some serious questions are getting a change to breath in the open air a bit.

Below is the video of the interview Rivera did on WTC Building 7


Monday, November 15, 2010

GOP Senators to vote on Earmark Ban

On November 16,2010 all current GOP senators and GOP senate elect leaders will vote on a moratorium to ban all GOP earmark spending during the 112th Congressional cycle.  The Republican Conference, which happens before the start of each new Congressional cycle, is a time when the GOP sets it`s agenda and votes on key policies. This years Conference is vital as many newly elected GOP leaders in the Senate are under pressure from voters demanding cuts in spending. While many GOP members have already stated how they are going to vote on the ban, there are still many senators who not said which way they plan to vote. The actual vote is planned to happen very soon so contacting your Federal senator is very important so they know the will of the people loud and clear.

Earmarks, or in Washington `pork,` is money set aside in a spending bill for an individual senators pet project in his home state. Sometimes an earmark can be very good and provide something much needed for a state. Sadly, in most cases earmarks are nothing more than useless spending to warm voters to a certain senator. Everyone has seen the highway signs stating, `Your tax dollars at work.` Those so-called working tax dollars is Federal earmark money which the state could have provided from their own budget. Earmarks are a source of government waste and overspending which have long been a cherished tradition of Congress for decades. Every senator cries for their earmarks when any spending bill goes though the US Congress.

The situation of wasteful spending on earmarks could change if enough pressure is put on elected leaders. The GOP could send a powerful message to Washington which could influence the DNP to follow if the pressure gets heavy enough. The vote will be the first time in a very long time either of the two major parties have voted on suspending earmarks. In order to mobilize the citizens into unified action the website endingspending.com is full of the information on earmarks and actively  fight to end this bad habit of the US Congress to throw money down the drain.

To read the official citizens action alert and check a list of how GOP senators have promised to vote on this issue go here

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bush Says Waterboardering Was A Good Idea;Formal Top Britsh Official Calls Bull

When most US presidents leave office they usually ride off into the sunset and enter the next phase of their political life as an elder statesmen. The first years as a formal president are usually spent rounding up the money for a presidential library,building a retirement estate, taking a world tour as a welcomed American statesmen, or writing a book. Considering that Bush W. is a wanted man in a few nations and not very well liked by many others, taking a statesmen world tour is pretty much out of the question. His family is very rich so he has no need to build a retirement estate. No one is looking forward to breaking ground on a Bush W. library any time soon. His biggest option as elder statesmen is to write a book about his days in the White House.

Yes everyone, Bush W. has written a book about his `glorious` days as Commander in Chief  of the United States of America. The book is just about to hit bookshelves in America and already it is generating heat within the political circus. According to several media outlets not only does Bush W. admit he gave official approval for US intelligence to use waterboarding as a means to get `information` from suspected terrorist he goes as far to say that,`lives were saved by information gathered from militant suspects.` When Bush named which lives were saved,namely the British, that is when someone from across the pond stood up and called bull.

Formal Top British Minister during the Bush years, Kim Howells, has been quick to point out just how far off base Bush is being with his claims of British lives being saved by American waterboarding methods.  Raw story reports that during a BBC radio interview Howells said, `Where I doubt what President Bush said is that this, what we regard as torture, actually produced information which was instrumental in preventing....plots coming to fruition.` Howells is pretty much saying that waterboarding was useless and did little to prevent terror attacks. Most people are already aware that the policy of torture adopted by Bush and continued by Obama is nothing short of forcing suspect of give false information.

As Raw Story reports Howells is not the only British official who put Bush`s claims into question. Formal home shadow security David Davis has come out and said, `People under torture tell you what you want to hear...apart from being immoral, apart from destroying our standing in the world, apart from undermining the way of life we`re trying to defend, it actually doesn`t deliver.`

This sudden outburst of criticisms of Bush`s waterboarding policy could be an attempt by these British officials to distance themselves from being accused of war crimes at a later point. Bush`s brash admission of approving of torture while in office is enough to land him and anyone else defending said policies on trail for war crimes. Apart from Bush saying he approved of torture there is ample evidence locked away within Washington in official White House documents to put away the entire gang involved. Maybe this is why Bush is in no hurry to start work on a Presidential library?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TSA Out of Control?

If you have been keeping up with the `wonderful` job TSA has been doing recently, you must be aware of the up close and personal security checks the agency has been carrying out recently. Reports are flooding in all over the internet of people complaining that TSA agents have gone too far in how much they touch and view people`s bodies. The TSA has resorted to molesting people, including children, all in the name of protecting us from the `evil` terrorist. The average American is now subjected to a full body scan which exposes their private areas to a TSA agent. If anyone chooses to opt-out of the scan they then are subjected to a rub down which is equal to groping by just about any sane person`s standard. Under strong public outcry the TSA has issued a response attempting to justify these measures instead of a proper formal apology.

How this violates personal liberty should be clear as day to anyone. Yet, we see that a lot of people are going along with this public rape of air travelers. If someone touched a women on the streets the same way TSA agents do at the airport there would be arrests and maybe even an ass kicking coming to anyone who attempted such behavior. When government is stamped on this clear human rights violation it suddenly becomes fine and dandy. How many people would allow someone to cop a feel of their little girl in normal situations? I am sure no one would approve of it. Yet, at the airport parents stand by and watch as some thug from the TSA fondles their little child with no protest.

Have Americans really become this defeated as people to allow the government to treat them like pieces of meat? While the TSA is treating American`s like sex objects at their security check orgies too many people are just letting it happen to them while in their mind justifying it with,`This is meant to keep be safe from terrorist so it is okay for the government to rape me in public view.` It appears that the American police state has been harassing people so much over the years that Americans are starting to happily bend over and take one in the brown hole just to go about their daily lives.

Although, while most people are simply going along with the wishes of the police state some people are not taking it laying down. One professional pilot has out right refused any type of search at the risk of loosing his job. Another long time employee of prisonplanet.com has went public after her and her little girls were sexually assaulted by TSA agents. Many other people are complaining on the internet while local TV news across the nation are reporting people being molested by TSA agents for refusing a full body scan.

So far there have been no response from Washington on this issue. Obama seems too busy brown noising at APEC in Yokohama this week to respond to American`s cry for relief from a government agency gone completely mad.      

Friday, July 30, 2010

More Oil Spills In the United States: What the Hell is Going On?

Your man of liberty post on this little blog of liberty from time to time but not often enough. We are in a info war as you know. With all the battles grounds across the net and in real life this blog truly is a ghost of liberty. None the less the purpose remains the same: Supporting liberty and exposing tyranny and corruption.

One of the biggest events of 2010, and there are many, is the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It has already been pointed out clearly by many dedicated bloggers and independent journalist the lack of action on the part of the Federal government as well steps taken by the Feds to outright refuse international help is well documented. I will not write about what is already well written about in the blogsphere.

What is not being written about enough is why are more, seemly unrelated, oil spills popping up. Recently another spill has happened near the gulf coast.A Oil well is now spewing out oil and gas in the Louisiana marsh after a tug boat hit it. The mainstream media is playing this off by generally taking the stance of `At least it is not as bad as the gulf spill.` As shocking of a position as this may seem it does appear to be the line of thinking the mainstream media is holding into. Yet, the latest spill in the gulf area is sadly not the worst development. The massive spill in the Kalamazoo River in southwestern Michigan is cause to wonder: What the hell is going on? The oil seems to be flowing like water recently and not in a good way. As the EPA makes a half-heart attempt to keep the oil from reaching Lake Michigan wild life, people`s lives and safe drinking water are taking a huge hit everyday. BP and Enbridge Energy have in effect ruin two major waters areas of the United States. We can sit back and point fingers until the cows come home but the real question that should be asked is: Who benefits the most from allowing these situations to happen? It is clear that a lack of effective maintenance and enforcement of regulation designed to ensure maximum safety led to these spills, but who would want these spills to happen? 

When looking at who will benefit the most we must look at who can gain the greatest advantage to push though their agenda. One clear group who can gain a ton of advantage would be the carbon tax and cap and trade gang. They have been waiting for a opportunity to jump on any type of catastrophic event to use in order to push though their agendas to enslave people under the false pretense of the so-called green movement. Just ask Spain what a green economy does to a nation. Obama is already starting to try and use the oil spills to convince the masses that a green economy is the only way to prevent a total meltdown of the environment.  Even in the face of ensured failure our leaders keep pushing agendas which do not deal with real the problem(which is their problem, reaction,solution method of doing things).

So who will benefit the most? The ones who created the problem by allowing companies to operate with no oversight and then offer proven failed solutions. The Federal government is no friend of the people it seems.