Friday, November 26, 2010

H.R. 6416 Would Make the TSA Liable For Assaulting Travelers

Everyone should be aware of the situation with TSA at airports across America at this point. The agency has been carrying out policies which are something one would expect in Communist China. The naked body scanners have been firing dangerous potently cancer causing X-rays at travelers. If travelers choose to opt out they have been subjected to pat downs similar to rape or at least sexual assault. Countless Americans are reporting being groped, including women and young children. The situation has gotten so bad that many Americans are refusing to fly all together. The outrage Americans have against the TSA has now been expressed in the form of legislation.

H.R. 6416 recently introduced in the house by Rep. Ron Paul from Texas would strip the TSA of any immunity from lawsuits filed against it. The bill, commonly know as the American Traveler Dignity Act of 2010 prevents any law from being enacted which offers immunity to any Federal employee, agency, individual or entity, which receives federal funds, who subjects a person to physical contact to board an airplane. In short, if this bill becomes law any TSA agent who gropes or sexually assaults someone during a security check can end up getting their ass sued.

Some of you may be wondering why the states have not taken action against the TSA. Why must it take such extreme means to keep the TSA in line? It is true that the states could kick the TSA out of their airports very easily. The states have the power to refuse any federal law,regulation or agency under the guide line of the 10th Amendment. This does not happen because all the State Attorney Generals would rather protect their own political future than directly go up against the Federal government on a states rights issues like a Federal agencies legal ability to operate within said state. There is also the fact that most State Congresses take a complaint filed against the Federal government by a State Attorney General very seriously. If could mean political suicide if he/she gets it wrong. A keen State Attorney General will wait until a good amount of complaints have been filed with his/her office and then serve those complaints in the form of a class action lawsuit;thus avoiding a direct states rights clash with lawmakers.

H.R. 6416 bypasses politically compromised Attorney Generals by giving the people the direct power to sue the TSA though the courts. It would be a up hill fight to get this bill all the way to the presidents desk but it could happen if enough pressure is placed on Federal lawmakers in Washington. Yet to think in more reality based terms if the bill gets a lot of co-sponsors and becomes a hot bill in Washington the TSA would be scared into ending its current security policy at airports. If this bill gains support rest assured the TSA would reconsider what it is doing to the American people.         

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Silver Manipulation By JP Morgan Brings Lawsuit

At this point anyone who has really been paying attention knows that the banking elite have made a mess of the world economy. You should also understand by now that these same banking elite have continued to suck the world dry while at the same time watch it slowly die. What started as a bubble crash in the US housing market quickly spread into a world economic breakdown. People across the United States are losing everything they have worked so hard for while the banking elite get rich beyond their wildest dreams.

As the truth comes out about how the banks stole from everyone and pulled the world into a deep dark hole of endless debt, there are some signs that these international criminals are not getting away with their dirty deeds completely. The silver market has been one which has always been covered in controversy. For years there have been those who have accused big banks of manipulating the silver market. It appears that JP Morgan and HSBC are in hot water as a class action law suit accusing both banks of conspiracy and manipulation of the silver futures market was filed in early November.

The lawsuit centers around June 2008 when JP Morgan took over Bears Stearns. This takeover also handed JP Morgan all of Bears Stearns short positions in the silver market. JP Morgan then teamed up with HSBC to buy as many silver short positions as they could in order to artificially depress the price of silver. Investors lost big time while JP Morgan and HSBC made a huge profit in the process. By controlling a majority of the silver short position contracts the two banks could sale silver shares when they did not actually have any real silver on hand.. They did this over and over again. They would sale silver they never had, and because the price was so low, buy those contracts back and resale them. This kind of business is very illegal to say the least.

This recent lawsuit is just latest suit filed against JP Morgan and HSBC. Back in October of this year two separate lawsuits were filed claiming that two investors had sold silver contracts and lost money due to the actions of JP Morgan and HSBC.

This is the point we have reached with the elite bankers. During this entire Global Economic Meltdown time and time again we have seen banksters do everything they can to suck everyone dry. They want it all at this point and have shown to have the ability to do anything to get it. Nothing is safe in the current economic environment. The international banks are being more ruthless than they have ever been in the past. The more they get the more than want. The level of greed is sickening. The illegal actions of JP Morgan and HSBC only scratch the surface of crimes committed by international banksters. The more people start to wake up and look into what is really going on expect more lawsuits in the future.

Yet, lawsuits are not going to be enough to dismantle the criminal banking system. Direct action always has an effect which no lawsuit can match. Market expert Max Keiser is calling for a run on silver. Keiser calls for people to start to buy just 1 oz of silver and demand physical delivery. JP Morgan does not have enough real silver to keep up with added stress on the market. If a massive amount of people started buying just one or two ounces of silver it would crash JP Morgan for sure. I did it and others should as well.