Friday, July 30, 2010

More Oil Spills In the United States: What the Hell is Going On?

Your man of liberty post on this little blog of liberty from time to time but not often enough. We are in a info war as you know. With all the battles grounds across the net and in real life this blog truly is a ghost of liberty. None the less the purpose remains the same: Supporting liberty and exposing tyranny and corruption.

One of the biggest events of 2010, and there are many, is the massive BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It has already been pointed out clearly by many dedicated bloggers and independent journalist the lack of action on the part of the Federal government as well steps taken by the Feds to outright refuse international help is well documented. I will not write about what is already well written about in the blogsphere.

What is not being written about enough is why are more, seemly unrelated, oil spills popping up. Recently another spill has happened near the gulf coast.A Oil well is now spewing out oil and gas in the Louisiana marsh after a tug boat hit it. The mainstream media is playing this off by generally taking the stance of `At least it is not as bad as the gulf spill.` As shocking of a position as this may seem it does appear to be the line of thinking the mainstream media is holding into. Yet, the latest spill in the gulf area is sadly not the worst development. The massive spill in the Kalamazoo River in southwestern Michigan is cause to wonder: What the hell is going on? The oil seems to be flowing like water recently and not in a good way. As the EPA makes a half-heart attempt to keep the oil from reaching Lake Michigan wild life, people`s lives and safe drinking water are taking a huge hit everyday. BP and Enbridge Energy have in effect ruin two major waters areas of the United States. We can sit back and point fingers until the cows come home but the real question that should be asked is: Who benefits the most from allowing these situations to happen? It is clear that a lack of effective maintenance and enforcement of regulation designed to ensure maximum safety led to these spills, but who would want these spills to happen? 

When looking at who will benefit the most we must look at who can gain the greatest advantage to push though their agenda. One clear group who can gain a ton of advantage would be the carbon tax and cap and trade gang. They have been waiting for a opportunity to jump on any type of catastrophic event to use in order to push though their agendas to enslave people under the false pretense of the so-called green movement. Just ask Spain what a green economy does to a nation. Obama is already starting to try and use the oil spills to convince the masses that a green economy is the only way to prevent a total meltdown of the environment.  Even in the face of ensured failure our leaders keep pushing agendas which do not deal with real the problem(which is their problem, reaction,solution method of doing things).

So who will benefit the most? The ones who created the problem by allowing companies to operate with no oversight and then offer proven failed solutions. The Federal government is no friend of the people it seems.     

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