Monday, September 3, 2012

Sick of The Profit Margin

Your man of liberty is sick. I am very sick. In fact, I am so sick that I find it hard to keep from puking my cuts up on a daily basis. Day after day of seeing so many people willfully sell out all for the purpose of chasing a fraction of the profit margin guaranteed to a ruling class of sociopaths before hand. It is true you know....we are ruled by a unique brand of sociopaths who could care less about the common person. It is all about the money for these people. The money is their end goal. It is not power or control really; although those are methods commonly used to increase the profit margin. The profit margin is the beginning and the end. There is nothing more and nothing less. Even the social contract, which is meant to be an agreement between the people and the government, is seen as a tool to be twisted and used for the end goal of increasing the profit margin.

I am sure you can see it all around you and how this never ending desire to chase the profit margin effects everyone`s life.

I used to be one of those people who thought that the profit margin was the be all and end all of pretty much everything. I used to chase the very small fractional piece of the profit margin which is dangled on a stick in front of my face. I also used to think that if I just work hard enough, I could increase my share of that fractional piece of profit. Yet, now it is very clear to me that it does not matter how hard I work, nor how much I sell out, I will never be able to gain access to the top of the towers of capitalism. Even if I do get a piece of that fractional profit margin, I will never be able to really benefit from all of my hard work honestly. I will have to totally sell out my mind body and human spirit to the gods of capitalism to even have a minor chance of living `the good life.` The capitalist profit margin does not allow anyone to maintain high morals of having care and concern for their fellow human. What I do is try my best at work and try to survive on what tiny fraction of the profit margin which is afforded to me. Some may say that it is easy to say that because I am not `rich` or that I am simply complaining because I am too `lazy` to work hard enough have a high amount of money. Well, people who would say that must be living in a dream world or have never seen the conditions on the ground.

I have seen exactly what chasing the profit margin does to the common people time and time again. I meet people who are very good people. They have a good heart and really care about those around them daily. I see these same people sell out and step on almost everyone who are not in there own little bubble all for the purpose of chasing a tiny fraction of the profit margin. They will go from caring and loving to cold and brutal as soon as profit comes into play. I could give you example after example of this but I am not a man who feels comfortable naming names of the common people who engage in this kind of behavior. Yet, this endless cycle of dog eat dog and `I will get mine at all cost` does happen all the time. It is directly related to chasing the profit margin.

What these otherwise good people fail to realize is that they will never truly get their fair share of the profit margin. They will not get their fair share because they, just like me, have no control over the means of production. Their labor is not their own. The moment they start working for those who do control the means of production they lose all ability to truly reach beyond chasing after a tiny fraction of the profit margin. They will spend many years stepping on their fellow worker and human being chasing something which will never equal the production of their labor.

This is the reason I am sick of the profit margin under capitalism. It makes people cold blooded and willing to do anything to reach for something which will never equal the production of their labor.

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  1. You fight your own image in the mirror. 4% of population. :)