Monday, November 29, 2010

The GOP Having Trouble Holding it Together On Earmark Ban

As anyone with a real sense of liberty is fully aware, the left/right bipolar political establishment in America is nothing more than two management teams fighting for control of the same dirty government. Both so-called parties do not have our interest in mind. Yet, as long as they are in control we must work within this system to restore true liberty and Constitutional law to our grand nation. So then the GOP conference voted on a complete ban on all earmarks, liberty minded citizens took notice. Your man of liberty reported on this event which you can read here. To to shock and awe of libertarians, and liberty minded people in general, the GOP conference voted for an all out ban on earmarks for the 112th Congress. Well as it turns out the GOP may not be ready to stick to their guns on a complete ban on earmarks.

All the heat is centered around H.R. 4783 which pretty much hands out money to settle a disagreement on behave of black farmers and Native American tribes over discrimination they say was carried out by the Department of Agriculture. Now to say that this issue should have never reach the level of a bill in the congress is an understatement. The Dept. of Agriculture clearly failed to deal with this long standing issue. The DOA should have never let it get to this point. The DOA should have dealt with this though the courts or even better allocated money, which they already had on hand, to the states to deal with it. Yet, like a gang of cowards they stoned walled the entire issue and forced Congress to create a spending bill to take care of it. The DOA did this clearly in order to protect their own budget from taking a hit. So a spending bill was created and moved though Congress which put the earmark ban to the test.

From the looks of things GOP leaders were unable to hold to their own rule of banning earmarks. Arizona Sen. John Kyle just could not resist adding an earmark into H.R. 4783. The Senator added a earmark setting aside 200,000,000 billion dollars to settle a Arizona Native American water rights dispute. This super large earmark will be used to make snow at a ski resort, improve water access for some Casinos, and build fish hatcheries. The sad thing about this is that if Arizona did not have to send so much money out of their state and into the hands of the Federal government they could have dealt with this at a state level.

This issue just goes to show the state of Washington. Yet another unconstitutional Department gets into hot water and sets on their hands out of fear of having their budget taking a hit. Congress has to get involved and create a bill which spends even more money. This in turn catches the attention of Arizona, which has a large settlement to take of, which is related to the bill in question. Add to all of this the fact that if Arizona could keep more of their state revenue in the state they could have paid the settlement from their own treasury.

The devil in all of this is Federal taxing being totally out of control. The states or the courts cannot really handle these kinds of issues due in large part to the high amount of Federal taxing. Not even one of Washington`s many Departments can handle disputes involving money because Congress looks for any reason to suck more money out of any section of the government which causes problems. If the DOA actually did decide to settle this issue though the courts or with good old fashion negotiation rest assured Congress would cut their budget and hand it to the Pentagon. Every time an earmark comes up in a bill we will see the insanity of Federal spending.  

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