Monday, November 29, 2010

The World Does Not Need It`s American Hero Anymore.

Your man of liberty is always watching, reading and researching the state of liberty in our increasingly complex world. As I was making my rounds on the internet, I ran across an article by famed Libertarian and American Conservative Patrick J. Buchanan. The title of the article is Why are we still in Korea? He pulls no punches in this article and lays out some very clear points about how the old post WW2/Cold War Alliances no longer benefit our grand nation. It should be clear to just about anyone but sadly most of our fellow American brothers just don`t get it. America has long over served it`s role as the world`s hero.

There really is no need for us to have military bases all over the world anymore. Korea is a perfect example of how an American military presence makes things worse not better. For starters the only reason we are in Korea is due to the fact the nation is a ex-colony of Japan. After the war is was necessary for America to set up camp in Korea because Japan had no ability to keep the region stable. America had a responsibility to stabilize East Asia because we had taken over control of Japan; thus ending the Japanese Empire. After an intense war with North Korea we end up staring each other down at the DMZ for over 50 years now. All those years later things are very different. South Korea is one of the strongest nations in Asia with respect to its economy and military. The North Korean military is in a very sad condition. Their military technology is way behind the rest of the world. There is no way the North could muster any kind of fight against the South. Simply put America is not needed in Korea anymore.

What about Japan? Japan ranks sixth in the world for military spending. The military of Japan is highly advanced and fully able to defend itself. They have one of the top economies in the world. Japan is a stable nation and has been for a very long time. The Japanese face very little threat to their nation. They have strong political ties to many of their neighbors. If Japan was attacked by the more aggressive Communist China there is no question they could defend their island nation with no help from the US. While China puts on a front of being unafraid of war, it would be clearly a major disadvantage for them to wage war with any nation in Asia. In reality Japan has very little need for the US military.

So why are we so stuck on the idea that the world needs us? It seems America has a military Empire and does not want to give it up. Despite the fact that most nations with a US military presence have very little need for a foreign army, American insist we must protect people who don`t want to be protected. East Asia is a prime example of the American military Empire having little usefulness in the modern era. We fight the enemies of others because we have no enemies of our own who could pose any threat to our mighty nation.

Our military even goes as far as to look for a fight to be had with other nations. Currently The USS George Washington has left Japan and is meeting up with South Korean forces to engage in military war games as a way to show North Korea just how powerful the American military is. The North has already said they are ready for war and will respond with military action if we come any where close to their border. Our military is provoking a war when it is none of our business in the first place. Even China has told America to return the USS George Washington back to Japan. It is clear our military in East Asia provokes notions of war.

When will the American Hero understand it is time to come home?      

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