Tuesday, December 28, 2010

21st Century Liberty(New Year`s Edition)-Freezing, Starving, and Record Profits

It has been 18 days since my last post here on The Ghost of Liberty. Don`t worry I am not dead nor have I been arrested. December is usually a busy month for many folks and I am no exception. Although, this season is not so happy for many of our fellow Americans. Poverty has become widespread in our nation. So many people are living on the streets or in half-way houses. There are sure to be many people who will freeze to death during the winter snow storm currently engulfing the east coast. Many of our little ones are going hungry as their parents simply cannot provide them with food. Santa will not visit millions of families this year because they did not pay their bills to the bank. Speaking of banks, many of the nation`s biggest banks have been reporting record profits in 2010. All those people who are starving and freezing to death this winter bailed out those banks in order to insure record profits will be had in 2010. This is the face of American liberty in the 21st century.

It appears that becoming penniless and homeless in the land our forefathers built is the `new way` in modern America. Not only have our leaders sold us out, they have also decided to molest and abuse us when we make an attempt to travel. Yet, though all the suffering, hunger, and humiliation the banks are cleaning up and somehow America is recovering from a economic meltdown. The Federal government gave the people`s money away to the banks and in return the banks took everything from the American people. The United States made an investment in the nation`s largest banks and we have lost everything. We trusted our leaders to do the right thing and they sold us out to greedy cold blooded bankers. It has got to be very clear to the average citizen they have been robbed. How can anyone still believe that the bankers have not set them up and stole the nation`s riches. America got played for a fool big time!

As Americans eat pea soup, sleep on the streets, and listen to their children beg them for food remember why there are no jobs, heat, or food this holiday season. Remember who stole our money. Remember who sold us out. Remember it is time to get mad as hell!       

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