Friday, December 10, 2010

Geraldo Rivera Calls O`Reilly Out on Federal Stings to Create Terrorist.

The mainstream media can be a fun circus to watch at times. When your brain is so burnt out that only the lowest standards of debate and reporting can keep your attention, it is time for cable news. The cable news in post-modern America is a Stainest vision of how to convince the people that government is good for them. All the time and man power put into `creating the news` might just be the largest fascist corporate propaganda machine in the history of mankind. It sickens the soul to think that they put some slick `professional journalist` with a big white smile praising every action taken by the grand Federal government. Yet, sometimes the raw truth forces it`s way to the surface.

Case in point is the unusual news stories Geraldo Rivera has been picking up over at Fox News Network as of late. This sold out monkey of the corporate media has been pretending to be a journalist of the people since the 80`s. Back then he was busy getting his noise broken by Neo-Nazi`s. These days be is just another gear in the Fox News machine. Yet, we may have hard on Rivera over the years. Recently, as I pointed out in an earlier post Rivera did an entire segment on WTC ' with a group of professionals and victim`s family member. The interview was done on fair grounds and Rivera not once attack his guest. Such `reporting` on any cable news network is rare.

Rivera is at it again, only this time he is mixing it up with the pissed off neo-con Bill O`Reilly. The report was on a young kid in America getting arrested for trying to blow up a Federal building. The report is so clearly pointing out the fact that the government set this kid up was too much for Rivera to keep silent.


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